"I'm an artist that was born from the process of creation. I am the canvas and Hip-Hop is my paint. I paint Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop painted me".                                                                                        -Chris "oriGino" Cortez

          Chris Cortez in an international B-Boy from Houston, Texas. He has traveled the world since 98, performing, competing, instructing, and educating the youth about the art of B-Boying and the Hip-Hop culture and its positive outcomes on the youth. 

          Chris has also been apart of the world famous Houston Rockets Launch Crew for 8 consecutive years. Launch Crew is the Houston Rockets entertainment team and has been recognized as the best entertainment team in the NBA. Consisting of Tumblers, B-boys, Poppers & Lockers, and Stunters you can find them performing at every home game. Launch crew also had the priviledge to travel, perform, and participate in the Global Games and at the All-Star Games for the the past couple years.

          In 2009, Chris created Houston Healthy Hip-Hop, Which provides after-school classes to enlighten the youth through, dance, music, and art. Healthy Hip-Hop believes that children should appreciate progress, team work, and hard work. We will embed the formula of success and drive in to the student's train of thought. Healthy Hip-hops mission statements says it all. " Passion and confidence is what we strive for so the future can be led by the heart of a child and with the mind of a leader".

          In 2012 Chris also stepped into Director of FLY Dance Company, an all male contemporary dance company from Houston consisting of 5 talented young men. The company is known for its high-energy performance with clever staging to a variety of music. Labeled an artist phenomenon, FLY crosses street dance with classical choreographic principles.